The Band

Our showcases would not be possible without these talented musicians who comprise our Singer Spotlight band. Find out more about them.

Greg Baroni – Bass
Greg Baroni is a South Florida native, who comes from a family of musicians and music educators. Taking up the electric bass at age 11, Greg began playing professionally at 17, and has continued full-time ever since. He is currently playing and recording with a wide variety of musicians on both bass and guitar, as well as teaching in the Chicagoland area.

Rick Vitek – Drums
Since the early 80s, Rick Vitek has been a much sought after talent for original band projects, jingle and industrial recordings, jobbing bands and teaching. He thrives on being versatile and loves to perform most styles of music. His ultimate goal is to get the biggest sound out of the smallest drum set.

Tom Vitacco – Guitar
Tom Vitacco lives in Algonquin and makes his living as a guitarist playing live dates and recording sessions in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. He is also a freelance producer/arranger for various commercial and custom recording projects. Tom has been married to Nancy for 13 years and they have two children, Joey and Gina Rose.

Neil Artwick – piano and keyboards
Neil is a graduate of the American Conservatory of Music where he studied both classical and Jazz performance. He has become one of the most in demand session keyboard players in the city and has recorded hundreds of TV and radio commercials. In the summer of 1998, Neil was specially chosen as one of the select musicians to perform and record the new opening theme of the OPRAH Show. He has also performed with such nationally known artists as Luther Vandross, Bebe and Cece Winans, Martha Reeves, Gladys Knight and Ed Thigpen.


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