Voiceover/Jingle Studios

Jingle/Voiceover Demos/Training

Recording Studios

Bosco Productions
We are a full service recording studio, offering many services, from casting to recording to ISDN.
Contact: Angelo Bosco, Bosco Productions 160 E. Grand, Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60611
Ph: (312) 644-8300 Fax: (312) 644.1893
Email: radioact1@aol.com

Sparrow Sound Design/Southport Records
Recording Studio/CD Production
3501 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
voice: (773) 281-8510
e-mail: southport@chicagosound.com
website: www.chicagosound.com
Special Services: SSD is proud to offer the complete production of voiceover and “jingle” demos. Partner Joanie Pallatto offers consultation and coaching sessions for $75 per hour.

Voice Over Training
Audio One (Kirk Johnson)
325 W. HURON, SUITE 512
TELEPHONE: 312-337-5111
CELL PHONE: 312-952-8217
WEBSITE: www.beyondthewords.com
E-MAIL ADDRESS: krjproductions@earthlink.net
SELL YOUR VOICE FOR FUN AND MONEY. Do you have the kind of voice that will sell in the exciting world of radio and TV commercials, corporate audio and video productions and much more? Find out (without spending a fortune) from the most experienced voice-over coach in the Midwest: KIRK JOHNSON, SR. He brings you over 30 years of award-winning experience in the audio-production industry as studio owner, producer, casting director, coach, voice-over actor and narrator. Kirk offers everything from the most basic “look-see” into the business to producing your full- blown professional demo tape, labeling, marketing, advanced training and FREE lifetime guidance. You can receive expert training in Radio and TV Voice-over, Dialogue and Narration. Check out our SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER on our website at http://www.beyondthewords.com


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