Singer Spotlight Unplugged

The Details
Forget the stage, the backing band and the stage lighting. Now it’s only about a musician connecting with the audience.

For some artists, Singer Spotlight Unplugged will give them a chance to stretch their musical talents outside of their typical repertoire. For others, the show will offer the opportunity to promote their craft, learn from their peers and establish a network of other industry professionals.

Each month Singer Spotlight Unplugged is on the last Thursday of the month at at Uncommon Ground, 3800 N. Clark St., Chicago (773) 929-3680. Showtime is 7:30p.m. and cover is $6. Dinner reservations or strongly suggested for confirmed seating.

For more information, please contact Phylis or Fannie.



  1. Singer Spotlight Unplugged is happy to welcome back Kim-Char off her Women With Guitars series and in between here and Hawaii and her Nashville digs….she is doing our show!!!! The Wandering Endorphin a. k. a. Jim Green is a back again favorite with his incredible unique guitar instrumentation. Two newcomers this month that I happened to hear at a Just Plain Folks performing event, Aileen Eilert and Jeff Churchwell will joining us this evening as well. Come on out!!!

  2. I would love a chance to do Singer Spotlight Unplugged. My number is (773) 721-2167. My website is
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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