Singer Spotlight Jr.

Singer Spotlight Jr.
The next Singer Spotlight Jr. will be in October 2007 at FitzGerald’s.

Rehearsal with the four-piece band (keys, drums, bass, guitar) will be the same afternoon and all the singers may purchase a CD of their performance.

Because SSJr is only twice a year, we want to ensure performers who deserve the opportunity and want valuable performing experience are given a chance to shine.

If your child is interested, we will need the following:

1) A singing demo/CD (it can be a professional CD or as simple as singing happy birthday into a tape recorder)

2) A short bio or resume talking about performing experience your child has had and the style of music he or she will be showcasing.

3) A letter of recommendation from a school music instructor and/or voice teacher talking about the singer’s ability (This is important because only 10 performers will be featured a year. We want to make sure the most prepared and deserving talent is selected).

4) A commitment from the parent(s) or guardian(s) that their performer will be prepared with music and lyrics; that he or she will be on time with necessary materials (song selections and bio 2 weeks prior to the show) and that the family will support the singer and the show by bringing as many family and friends to the performance as possible. This commitment will be assumed by the parent(s) if a submission is sent.

Please send the required materials to:
Singer Spotlight Jr.
28 E. Jackson Bldg. 10th floor, Suite T-446
Chicago, IL 60604

Whether or not a performer is selected, all will be contacted by letter/phone/e-mail. Demos and submission materials will not be returned.

For further questions or information, please email Becca or Amy.


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